Stefan Aust Author


Stefan Aust, born in 1946, was for many years the chief editor of the German news magazine “Der Spiegel” and also the founder and editor of “Spiegel TV”. He was sub-editor of the left-wing magazine “konkret” from 1966 to 1969. From 1970 to 1985 he worked for the German public broadcaster NDR, where he produced numerous TV-reports on the subject of terrorism. Stefan Aust has written many books and produced TV documentaries, most recently “The RAF” (2007) with Helmar Buechel. He wrote the script for Reinhard Hauff’s feature film STAMMHEIM (1986), which won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival. His book, “The Baader Meinhof Complex”, which has now become the definitive book on RAF terrorism, appeared for the first time in 1985 and was updated in 1997. A new revised and expanded edition of the book, containing new information from previously unavailable sources, will be published to coincide with the release of the film THE BAADER MEINHOF COMPLEX.